305 Barkers Rd Cnr Malin St Kew 3101 P: 03 9817 7788

Our learning philosophy is to provide programs that accommodate a variety of learning styles, for example, visual, sensory, auditory, musically, kinesthetically and spatially. We provide holistic programs which help children develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.


Our programs are guided by the following philosophy:

• We value each child as an individual and value the most important role of the family in each child’s growth and development.

• We believe that children learn and develop at their own pace.

• We believe that high quality care and educational programs are developmentally and age appropriate and interesting to children.

• We encourage children to explore the environment, which is rich in learning experiences based on natural elements. We respect the right for children to make choices and to be empowered within the care environment. We provide experiences which foster creativity and imagination and encourage an appreciation of nature.

• We provide a safe and secure environment were caregivers are responsive to the individual needs and routines of children.

• We consult with children about their interests which is the basis of our programs for children.

• We respect differences between families and understand that the important role the family has is a child’s growth and development. We communicate with families about their child’s interests, learning and well-being and encourage feedback on/ and participation in children’s programs.

• We support and guide children in developing a positive self-concept and self-esteem, which is fundamental to the positive development of social skills. We encourage children to development confidence in their abilities.

• We promote children’s communication and language development. Caregivers are appropriate language role models and are responsive to the verbal and non-verbal communication of children.


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